Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grateful for Answered Prayer

This Thursday, July 24th, we will be 18 weeks along in our pregnancy. The Lord has taught us so much already through these past four 1/2 months and we know this is only the beginning.:)

Once we found out we were expecting, I had to see my doctor right away due to the high risk nature of our pregnancy. It is defined as high risk due to the blood clot I had in my lung last year. When you are pregnant, your blood flow becomes thicker and so to help keep my blood thin and prevent clotting, I give myself a shot every night in my stomach. During our first ultrasound at about 5 weeks, we learned that a blood sac had formed in my uterus. This supposedly is common for women who have had some kind of blood clotting disorder. We were very concerned when the doctor discovered it because if my body did not absorb the blood sac, we could either lose the baby first trimester or eventually go into pre-term labor. God has shown us tremendous mercy as He has graciously answered prayer. At our last ultrasound at 13 weeks, the blood sac was gone! We are so grateful! This Tuesday, we will, Lord willing, find out what we are having. We are very excited and can't wait! We will certainly let you know!:) Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers. We are indebted to the Lord for His grace to us through you!

Dale's Greatest Birthday Present

April 16th of this year was Dale's 29th birthday. He awoke that morning, having no idea of the precious gift that awaited him. He proceeded through his normal routine to prepare for school and work that day and I kissed him good bye.

About nine hours later, I met him in his office before choir practice with a little gift in my hand that had arrived later that day. When I handed it to him, he asked who it was from. " You'll see." I replied. With a smile on his face, he began to remove the tissue paper from the small package. Awaiting for him at the bottom of the bag was a small white box. He carefully opened the lid and stood there reading the little card that lay on top of the gift. It read:

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you
and can't wait to meet you soon!
Love, Baby Zarlenga

In utter shock and disbelief, he broke out in tears and held me tight.Once he somewhat collected himself, he asked the infamous question," Are you sure? Have you seen the doctor today?" I was able to answer yes to both of those questions and show him the pregnancy test (still lying in the box) to verify the former question. Still crying, he could not believe his eyes! The Lord had heard his cry and had granted him one of his greatest desires. Lord willing, we will meet our little one and hold him or her in our arms on Christmas Day!:) We wait with much anticipation and joy!