Friday, July 6, 2007

Room Correction

Due to the latex allergy, they put Beth in her own room. She is in 626. Her phone number is 314-567-2626. She is doing okay overall, however she is extremely hungry and unable to eat anything. We may see the GI doctor this afternoon, if not today then tomorrow morning. There is question if they are going to do the endoscopy or not. The risk is associated with her on the coumadin. The problem is that this test seems to be what needs to be performed because they potentially will do biopsies when they are down there. The fear is that because of the coumadin, the places where they take the biopsies will bleed and not clot. So, we need to pray for the doctors to do the test while she is on the coumadin and that there will be no effects from the biopsies.

Welcome to Hotel St. John

We are being admitted to room 623 at St. John's Mercy Medical Center.


Noon update

We got notified recently from the doctor that Beth will be admitted to the hospital. We will let you know where we are when we move from the ER. The GI doctor will look at the schedule and probably attempt an endoscopy sometime tomorrow. Beth is doing okay at this point. They tried to give her some crackers and she can't get them down due to the burning sensations in her throat and esophagus. We have a friend here with us which is very helpful. This is the information I have at this point. Like I said, she is doing better in terms of her spirits and physical well-being due to having some IV fluids in her. Please continue to pray. Thank you.

Please pray....

Beth is not well. The burning sensations in the back of her throat have gotten worse. She is now basically down to being able to eat nothing. Unfortunately, the only thing that does not burn is water. We have no clue what to do anymore. We are playing phone tag with our GI doctor at this point. He said yesterday on a message that he would be willing to do the scope with biopsies either today or tomorrow. So, we are trying to figure out what to do. Beth hasn't been able to take hardly any of her medication due to being fearful of having not eaten anything and the effects of the drugs because of that. This does mean that she hasn't taken anything for anxiety or the drug which is supposed to be helping her esophagus in the long run at this point. Please pray. We are very desperate, very weak, unknowledgable, and very close to being at despair.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Check ups....

This week we have two types of check-ups. Yesterday, we had a visit with our GI doctor's nurse practitioner. This was a good visit. We got our questions answered, but still no real answers to the problem. She did increase Beth's evening medication, in hopes that this helps. Today, we are going to get a second opinion. It was God's grace that brought us to this doctor through contacts at our new church, Twin Oaks. This guy is a GI doctor as well. He is actually a mobility specialist along with other specialties. We are scheduled to see a mobility specialist in September through St. Louis University, but this one may help us sooner! Mobility, for those who may not know, is the study of how your food moves through the esophagus when eating. Your esophagus contracts in succession to move the food through. There is actually doctors who specialize in this and hopefully this one can help us.

The other type of check-up is for our car. Currently, I am sitting her writing this in their lobby. If you ever need a place to take your car, Green Tree Tire & Auto is the place. They are located in Kirkwood, MO. They do quality, trustworthy work, the owner is a believer, and they offer discounts to seminary students! We are attempting to get our car road ready for our travels next week to Nags Head for the wedding.

Please pray for us finding a car. We are going to be in need of another vehicle here shortly after we return from our trip. Please pray that God would provide a reliable car within our budget. Last time, it took 9 months. Lord willing, it won't take that long this time.

Well, we hope you all are doing well. It is good to hear from you when you write comments. Thanks so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support. Take care.